Lymphatic System Drainage Part 1

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Though people who are specialists in this method are reluctant to state opinions, many have theorized that when malignancy is found in the lymph that the lymph nodes are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing. In other words, it is not 100% clear to them that the cancer has metastasized, merely that it has accumulated in the lymph.

Given that we do not understand these fine points well enough to be certain, it would seem appropriate that patients who have not yet had surgery try to move as much lymph through the body as possible to see if the swelling subsides. For those who feel they are at risk for cancer, periodic lymphatic stimulation and/or drainage may be a healthy preventative measure. Once, however, the nodes are gone, it is more uphill. One very simple but probably only minimally helpful exercise is to hold the affected (swollen) area upwards to see if gravity will permit some of the lymph to descend into areas that still have adequate drainage.

What very few patients seem to realize is that the immune system does not fight cancer so long as there is infection in the body. Isn’t this one of Nature’s ironies? People are more afraid of cancer than infection, but the body tries to eliminate infection before turning its resources towards cancer control. The lymphatic system in many people is overwhelmed by infection, often stemming from dental problems, as well as toxic substances (mercury, aluminum, chemicals from antiperspirants, dry cleaning, and so forth.) Lending a hand to the lymphatic system will usually relieve some of the pressure on other parts of the body.

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