Importance Of The Lymphatic System For Health Part 1

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The biology of the lymphatic system is positioned at a unique locus where the working of the immune system, its pivotal role in defending against cancer and infectious diseases, and its potential role in the treatment of autoimmunity uniquely align themselves. Many diseases will benefit from the advancement of lymphatic research.”

– Robert Burns, PhD, Director, Office of Technology Licensing
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research

The well-being of every individual depends on the health of the lymphatic system. Just imagine what that can mean in fighting a broad array of diseases. With more awareness from the medical and scientific communities and individuals like you, we can help conquer lymphedema and related lymphatic disorders, cancer, AIDS, and other illnesses. There are millions of people worldwide who currently suffer with a disorder or disease of the lymphatic system.

There are also millions of others who are at risk for lymphatic malfunction such as individuals who have had surgery, injury, infection, or some other insult to their lymphatics. This list does not even include the hundreds of millions suffering from other diseases that would benefit from advances in lymphatic research and insight.

Codrington (capital of Barbuda)
Sri Lanka, Colombo
Miami Gardens, Florida
Yugoslavia, Belgrade
Zimbabwe, Hararesssss
West Jordan Utah USA
Lubbock, Texas
Iceland Rekyavik
Swaziland, Mbabane
Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo


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