Lymplex Lymph Node Cleansing Part 1

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Lymph Node Cleansing

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“What very few patients seem to realize is that the immune system does not fight cancer so long as there is infection in the body. Isn’t this one of Nature’s ironies? People are more afraid of cancer than infection, but the body tries to eliminate infection before turning its resources towards cancer control.

The lymphatic system in many people is overwhelmed by infection, often stemming from dental problems, as well as toxic substances (mercury, aluminum, chemicals from antiperspirants, dry cleaning, and so forth.) Lending a hand to the lymphatic system will usually relieve some of the pressure on other parts of the body.

Functions of the lymphatic system:
1) to maintain the pressure and volume of the extracellular fluid by returning excess water and dissolved substances from the interstitial fluid to the circulation.
2) lymph nodes and other lymphoid tissues are the site of clonal production of immunocompetent lymphocytes and macrophages in the specific immune response.

Filtration forces water and dissolved substances from the capillaries into the interstitial fluid. Not all of this water is returned to the blood by osmosis, and excess fluid is picked up by lymph capillaries to become lymph. From lymph capillaries fluid flows into lymph veins (lymphatic vessels) which virtually parallel the circulatory veins and are structurally very similar to them, including the presence of semilunar valves.

The lymphatic veins flow into one of two lymph ducts. The right lymph duct drains the right arm, shoulder area, and the right side of the head and neck. The left lymph duct, or thoracic duct, drains everything else, including the legs, GI tract and other abdominal organs, thoracic organs, and the left side of the head and neck and left arm and shoulder.

These ducts then drain into the subclavian veins on each side where they join the internal jugular veins to form the brachiocephalic veins.

Lymph nodes lie along the lymph veins successively filtering lymph. Afferent lymph veins enter each node, efferent veins lead to the next node becoming afferent veins upon reaching it.

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