Lymph Cleanse Part 1

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This is the best form of detoxification as far as the lymphatic system is concerned. The lymphatic system is responsible for fighting infections and it is important to keep the lymphatic system healthy at all times. Exercise helps keep the movement of lymphatic fluid at its maximum and ensures a lot of toxins are flushed out by sweating. Exercise also improves blood circulation, strengthens the heart and oxygenates cells. Exercise is indeed the best and most natural form of lymphatic cleansing.


Astragalus, echinacea, goldenseal, pokeroot, wild indigo root, burdock, and red clover are excellent herbs that will help cleanse the lymphatic system and flush out toxins accumulated in the lymph. All herbal products should be taken in conjunction with an organic food diet or food which is free of any and all chemical products and substances. Another important point to note is to continue to exercise while using such lymphatic detox herbs, in order to reap the maximum benefits.

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