The Lymphatic System Detoxification Part 1

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As many patients know, cancer diagnosis often includes an evaluation based on what is found in the lymph nodes. In general, allopathic medicine views the presence of cancer in the nodes as evidence of metastasis. This opinion is often attended by recommendations for more radical surgical procedures and usually a worse prognosis. As all patients who have had lymph nodes removed know, circulation is generally worse after the loss of nodes: swelling, serious edema, and the need for medical procedures to remove fluids are all part of the aftermath of these procedures.

I am not in a position to evaluate the merits of the surgical measures. I merely sympathize with the suffering of the patients. They often have reddish swelling, intense itching, rashes, and loss of motion.

There are specialists in manual lymphatic drainage, a very delicate massage technique taught in Austria (called the Vodder method) who are trained to help reroute lymph flow so as to by-pass the normal channels, the ones that have been removed.

Though people who are specialists in this method are reluctant to state opinions, many have theorized that when malignancy is found in the lymph that the lymph nodes are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing. In other words, it is not 100% clear to them that the cancer has metastasized, merely that it has accumulated in the lymph.

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