Lymphatic Detoxification and How to Cleanse it Part 1?

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The lymphatic system is a key pathway of detoxification and stimulating this pathway can help our bodies cope with the daily toxic burden of synthetic chemicals, pollutants and toxins we are exposed to.
In fact, the lymphatic system is a complex drainage network involving fluids, vessels and organs. Its primary role is to remove cellular waste, proteins, foreign bodies, excess fluid, toxins and other microorganisms and return them to the bloodstream. Via the lymph nodes, this system helps to filter out toxins purify our bodies of waste.

There are approximately 6-10 litres of lymph in the body at any one time, which is pumped around via muscular contraction and movement. Lymph flows in one direction only – upwards to the heart. When the body is under stress (infection, stress, lack of physical activity, dehydration, toxic overload) tissue swelling can result and protein accumulation in the lymph nodes occurs. The result is a build up of toxins, which can end up affecting the normal function of the cells. Long term this can lead to underactive metabolic function of cells.

A classic example of chronic lymphatic congestion is the formation of cellulite, which is related in part to lymphatic congestion and poor blood flow to the affected areas. You can confirm the poor blood-flow yourself by feeling any areas of your body that have cellulite – they feel cooler than other areas of your skin due to the lack of warm blood supply to the area.

The body tries to protect itself from free toxins floating around in the body – after all they can damage our primary organs. As a result toxins are stored in many different ways in the body – mucus in the respiratory system, deposits in fat cells, as cholesterol or around the joints. Stimulating the flow of toxins out of the body by promoting lymphatic flow can help reduce your body’s overall toxic load.

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