Lymphatic Detoxification and How to Cleanse it Part 2?

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There are a number of easy and effective ways to promote lymphatic flow including dry body brushing, massage, vigorous exercise, hydration and muscular activity (weights, yoga, tai chi or Pilates).
Dry body brushing in particular is a great way to stimulate lymphatic and circulatory flow as it stimulates the dense network of nerves that run just under the skin layer, which in-turn increase blood circulation and the function of the lymphatic system.

Another method suggested by Bodecare is alternate cold and hot showers. See method below:
Did you know that a prolonged hot shower without alternation with cool water (the type of shower most people take) is fatiguing and causes circulatory congestion? When performed Alternate Hot & Cold showers properly, this technique stimulates the nerves, endocrine glands, circulatory system and skin.

For best results of an Alternate Hot/Cold Shower you can use the following steps as a guide:
Firstly conduct a Dry Body Brushing routine: begin warm to hot shower for 2-3 minutes (water should be at a comfortable temperature). Follow with a cold shower for 15 seconds. Once again water should be at a comfortable temperature. Each 15 seconds repeat with hot and cold shower. To finish towel dry.

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The Lymphatic System Detoxification Part 2 Lymphatic Cleansing and Detox Part 1

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