Cleanse Lymphatic System – Skin Brushing Part 1

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The first step in cleansing the lymphatic system is to cleanse the colon so that the excess mucoid material backed up in the lymphatic system can be drained up.

The second step in cleansing the lymphatic system is to practice skin brushing. This is a highly effective technique for stimulating the expulsion of fresh mucoid material, hardened particulate or impacted mucoid matter, and other obstructions of the lymphatic system and for correcting inflammations of the lymph nodes. Like the colon, the lymphatic system can contain stagnant accumulations of old waste matter.

If the skin becomes inactive with its pores chocked with millions of dead cells, then impurities will remain in the body. The other eliminative organs, mainly the kidneys and liver, will have to increase their labour and will eventually become overworked.

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